Explore the developments and focuses of the ICSA's first 10 years of exploration.


Post-poned by the pandemic from our original 2020 dates, the new dates are:

Tuesday March 23- Friday 26, 2020

The International Combat Systema Association was founded in January of 2010 with the goal of focusing on the testable, measurable contributions that the slavic martial arts could bring to the world of modern combatives. This 4-day camp will highlight the major concentrations and findings of the ICSA during this time.

DAY 1—Functional Mobility
A huge part of the Soviet era martial arts was the research and development of combative biomechanics. Day 1 will focus on the key parts of functional mobility, highlighting key problem areas, misunderstandings and misinterpretations. Practitioners will be shown how to decode these key findings and how to integrate this with 21st century findings to create the most efficient personal training principles, including integrated breathwork and mobility. 

DAY 2-From Fisticuffs to Street Boxing
Day 2 will explore the contributions of traditional cossack boxing, distinguishing ritual from reality and illustrating the salient applications of traditional tactics for modern modern self defense applications. 

 DAY 3-Grappling
Day 3 will focus on some of the major developments of the Russian grappling arts, including leg locks, the Russian 2-on-1 arm tie and the Georgian grip. Practitioners are required to bring a kurtka, gi jacket or disposable sweat shirt for this day.

DAY 4-Weapon Defense
The Final Day will focus on our major focuses and developments in weapon defense. The slavic traditions of play and combat games, combined with the soviet analysis of biomechanics will be balanced against the needs of pressure testing and reality based training.

This camp will be limited to 10 participants to ensure the highest level of attention and personal development.

Please note that refunds are not guaranteed in the case of participant cancellations. 


Please contact Kevin directly to inquire about openings. 

Spring Camp 2020: "The Evolution Camp"

March 23-26, 2020                                

    2020 Spring Camp