Fall  2021: "Feral Fighting Camp"                                 

Are you ready to survive and thrive?

Tuesday, October 26-Friday October 29, 2020 

So here it is, by popular request, an entire camp dedicated to pure feral fighting. Gouging, clawing, eye poking, fascia twisting, hair pulling, down and dirty survive-at-any-costs fighting. 

We will be spending four days on high repetition, drilling of the most primal, effective survival skills. No frills. No veneer. Just simple, vicious, fight ending skill. We will look at how to hardwire these reflexes into our nervous system, how to mitigate fear and how to integrate these skills into a framework of responsible power and legal use of force.

Day 1: We will hit the ground running, by arming you with all of the tools you need in your arsenal. Day 1 is a day of operant conditioning, hitting and gouging. This is the beginning of your repetition inundation.

Day 2: Next we explore the feral clinch, covering all aspects of close range fighting, including closing the distance, blitzing the clinch, takedowns and recovering from the ground.

Day 3: On day 3, we address weapons, addressing defense against knife, gun and stick with feral finality and resolve. 

Day 4: Finally,  we step into the shark tank and address multiple attackers, standing and on the ground, with and without weapons. 

This camp will be limited to 10 participants.

Participation $650cdn for four days of training. 

Fall Camp 2020