Summer Camp 2020: "Flow Camp 2"                                 

Are you ready to flow?

Tuesday, June 15th-Friday June 18, 2021

What would you do with natural, raw, uninhibited mobility? How would the ability to move your body at will, to respond to any physical challenge in the world around you change your quality of life? 

In 2019 we offered our first Flow camp, focusing on the mind-body link, and achieving a zone of present awareness. Back by popular demand, our second Flow Camp will approach flow from a foundation or pure body exploration and reinvention. 

Day 1 will begin with a  deep dive into animal mobility. Learn to reclaim your body through unorthodox, primal body movement. Rediscover play and learn to expand your gratitude and capacity through mindful body challenges and games.

Day 2 will approach the idea of weaponizing the body intuitively. Emphasis will be place on striking with all aspects of your body, from the common to the unconventional. Learn to access new levels of mobility and freedom, unify breath and focus and bolster your confidence by freeing yourself of convention and exploration. 

Day 3 will approach the daunting challenge of multiple attackers. Learn to cope with mob aggression while blanacing conscious thought with a reactive body, to optimize fear and flinch responses and to access your fullest power.

Finally on day 4 we will return to the ground to explore ground fighting from a flow perspective. Learn to invest in mobility and continuous movement to avoid fixation, over -muscling and dwelling in aggression. 

This camp is currently full owing to post-poned reservations from 2020. Please contact Kevin directly to discuss openings. 

Participation $650cdn for four days of training. 

Summer  Flow Camp