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Would you like to train exactly like elite military operatives, law enforcement and security professionals around the world?

Club founder and director Kevin Secours is a world renowned expert in martial arts, defensive tactics and personal security. He is in constant demand for seminars around the world and he offers his innovative approach to fighting right here in the heart of Montreal.

Celebrating our 25th anniversary, we are the first and most recognized Russian Systema school in the province of Quebec. We are the world head quarters for the International Combat Systema Association. In addition, we are the proud custodian of Kempo Jujitsu for Eastern Canada, offering a cutting edge fusion of traditional and modern tactics for today's world. Come discover your full potential.

A message from IFS Director, Kevin Secours, B.Ed.:

I take my role as a teacher very seriously. With 35 years of dedicated and passionate study in the martial arts and 15 years of corporate training experience as a certified educator, I realize that every student that walks through my door is sacrificing precious time. I believe my job is to meticulously research and plan every lesson to address the needs of each student and to help them maximize the return on their investment so they can reach their greatest potential.

Every training experience has the capacity to either add fear in the student or else to take it away. With a predatory and often unforgiving world surrounding us at every turn, I am proud to offer a sanctuary from that violence. Our training standard is truly world-class and has established a global reputation through critically books, DVDs, an online learning program, an international seminar circuit across 5 continents, and over 300 training groups worldwide.

I pledge to you a safe and open environment, dedicated to the scientific maximization of your performance. Come visit us in our new NDG location in February 2018.

All you need to do is get here. We'll do the rest!

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