Fall Camp

Fall Camp 2018: "The Continuum Camp"                                 

Explore the interplay of empty hand, knife and stick

Tuesday October 9 to Friday October 12,  2018

This 4-day camp will explore the relationship between stick, knife and empty-handed work, with emphasis on how weapon work can enhance and hyper-accelerate empty handed function. The camp will employ a spiral learning model, flowing from weapon to empty hand and back to weapon to provide varied repetitions, deepen insights, and ingrain refined reflexes.

 DAY 1—Bareknuckle Brawling, bladed brouhahas and stick skirmishes

Day 1 will begin by exploring the distinctions of bareknuckle fisticuffs, understanding the reality of flinch, the role of primal movement and the nuances of striking with unprotected hands. We will be looking at open and closed handed work, and the role of hacking and chopping strikes. From there, we will transition into basic baton use, using the stick to build striking power, coordination and range and then finally introduce knife, to heighten sensitivity and positional awareness.

DAY 2-The Clinch and Armed Rasslin'

Hooking and hacking motions, while high probability gross motor skills, are prone to telegraphic intent and being intercepted with range compression and clinching. In day 2 we will explore the fundamentals of the clinching tree with empty hands, then evolve to stick wrestling and blade clinching, to enhance combative intensity, deepen our understanding of leverage, and expand our mental map of control, escape and dirty boxing options.

 DAY 3-The Play Doh Fun Factory

Day 3 will focus on tightening up striking motions. Focus will be placed on spiral, piston and hinge actions to create a more subtle arsenal. All of the gross motor power will be compressed and functionalized into a tighter funnel. Pommel, tip and cross shaft striking with stick and stabbing with blades will be prioritized to enhance this exploration, creating a more refined, defensible and unpredictable arsenal.

 DAY 4-Who Just Hit Me and With What?

In our last day, we will focus on controlling timing and distance. Particular emphasis will be placed on baiting, deception, variation and striking punctuation from hand to stick to blade and back again.

This will be our second seminar in the Continuum series. The goal of this semi private training experience is to explore the consistency throughout the combative spectrum from empty hand to weapons and back again to make every student more confident and capable in their offensive arsenal. 

This camp will be limited to a maximum of 10 participants.