Fall Camp

Fall Camp 2019: "The Restraint and Control Camp"                                 

Explore the science of subject restraint and control with Kevin Secours and Mike Malpass. 

​​Tuesday November 5-Friday November 8, 2019

This 4-day camp will explore cutting edge tactics and strategies for subject restraint and control. The camp will be co-instructed by Kevin Secours, B.Ed., founder of Integrated Fighting Systems, and Michael G. Malpass, veteran law enforcement officer, SWAT operative and advanced training officer.  Mike is the author of the new release "Taming the Serpent: How Neuroscience Can Revolutionize Modern Law Enforcement Training" and is on tour promoting his new research.

DAY 1—Initiating Contact, with Kevin Secours
Day 1 will begin by investigating the subtleties of initiating contact with a potentially violent aggressor. It will encompass the biology of the pre-conflict state, mindset, controlling stress, pre-combat indicators, reading body language, verbal control, initiating contact, building assertiveness, and tactical considerations.

DAY 2-Standing Control with Mike Malpass
Day 2 will address proven tactics for establishing and maintaining standing subject control,addressing the reality of stress, the amygdala hijack, training methodologies for maximizing efficient responses under pressure and a host of simple, street tested tactics for civilians and professionals alike.

 DAY 3-Ground Control With Mike Malpass
Day 3 will focus on how to maintain control once you've taken the subject to the ground. Mike will draw from his vast experience as a law enforcement officer, SWAT operative. In addition Mike is a veteran martial artist with over 30 years of training in Bando. He will draw from his experience in Naban, catch wrestling and numerous other grappling disciplines to teach a practical and comprehensive approach to ground control 

DAY 4-Integration with Kevin Secours
In our last day, we will revisit and integrate the previous three days, in dynamic pressure testing and scenario training, refining our tactics into a personal defense system, so we leave the event street ready and focused for our future training. 

Mike and Kevin have been working together for 10 years refining and evolving their curriculum for law enforcement professionals. Come and benefit from this rare experience to train with two world-class trainers at the peak of their craft.

This camp will be limited to a maximum of 12 participants.

*Please note, purchases for this camp are non refundable in the event of participant cancellation. Every effort will be made to find a paying replacement to refund participants in such an event but cannot be guaranteed.