Kevin Secours B.Ed.,
Director and lead instructor/founder of IFS 

Kevin Secours is a globally known specialist in personal protection. With more than 33 years of experience in the martial arts and defensive tactics and over 25 years of experience as a an instructor, Kevin is renown for his concise grasp of combat and his innovative approach to sharing his knowledge. He has published some of the first and most comprehensive English language articles on the Russian martial arts. He has been featured in Black Belt Magazine, The Journal of Asian Martial arts and numerous other publications as well on CTV news, Global, E-Talk, Much Music, The Space Channel, and dozens of other TV and radio programs worldwide. He is the author of 3 books, a critically acclaimed DVD series,  and a comprehensive on-line video training program. In 2010, Kevin formed The International Combat Systema Association to more fully represent his continuing evolution and understanding of the russian martial arts. His interpretation is currently  practiced by over 200 affiliates worldwide.



Kevin's cover on Paladin Press's Catalogue.

Kevin served as the combat consultant and lead stunt double for the video game Splinter Cell Blacklist. Shown here with actor Eric Johnson.

Kevin is a former member of the Canadian Tactical Training Academy and a current member of the Quebec Tactical Training Center (CFTQ). A certified CFTQ Defensive Tactics Instructor, Kevin holds instructor certifications in PR-24, Monadnock Extendable Baton, Tactical Cuffing, Use of Force, Restraint Tactics and he is certified in Police Pressure Point Systems (PPPS) by the legendary Georges Sylvain. Kevin is a Master Instructor in the Canadian Peace and Security Officer Training Association (C.P.S.O.T.A.).

He workes in personal protection and security domestically and abroad, and has instructed for numerous organizations including Air Canada, The Montreal General Hospital, McGill University and Dawson College.

Kevin lives in Montreal, Canada where he works as the director and lead instructor of Integrated Fighting Systems. He continues to work in personal security and teaches worldwide.

Kevin is the holder of a 8th degree black belt in Goshinbudo under Sensei Sali Azem, a 3rd degree black belt in Modern Kempo Jujitsu, a 1st degree black belt in Akai Ryu Jiu-Jitsu and Full Instructorship in Five Animal Shaolin Boxing. In addition, he has over 15 years of experience in Tai Chi and Yoga, as well as extensive experience in the grappling arts. 

His efforts included serving as a head instructor for Montreal's international airport security teams, personally certifying over 1,000 agents in Control Device, Restraint Tactics and Pressure Point use. He has aided in the development of the Canadian Coast Guard's Marine Security Enforcement Teams and served numerous times as a lead instructor. He has aided in the development and implementation of curriculums for the Arizona Law Enforcement Agency, and has instructructed SWAT and specialized agencies there. In addition, Kevin works with military and military contractors, law enforcement and security teams around the world, creating specialized curriculums for real world implementation.