Junior Jujitsu

Our youth martial arts classes are based on traditional Japanese Jujitsu.

Our curriculum includes a fun and engaging approach to training that focuses on:

  • Building self awareness and confidence by exploring movement, mobility and coordination

  • Exploring a balanced curriculum that includes grappling and ground fighting, striking and kicking, takedowns and throws and defense against all manner of attacks

  • Our approach to self defense addresses growing awareness, early detection and avoidance, and realistic and practical defense against bullying and intimidation, grabs, abductions and a host of other threats. 

Admissions are welcome at any time during the year. Students are asked to be 8 years of age or older. Some exceptions can be made in the case of exceptionally mature children.

You are welcome to drop in to watch or participate in a free trial class any time. 

We offer 3 classes a week, kids come as often as they wish/can:

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays, 5:30-6:15
  • Saturdays, 9 to 9:45am

Classes are bilingual

Tuition is $200 for 3 months

(includes all taxes, registration fees, first uniform, rank testing fees and belts)

Additional friends or siblings are only $100.

Ex: 2 children, three months, for $300, all included

Please contact us anytime if you have any questions!



Contact us!

You can also reach us by

Phone: 514-894-3656
Email: kevinsecours@hotmail.com