Summer Camp

Spring Camp 2019: "Ground Fighter"                                 

Get ready for the reality of the ground with our intensive ground defense Spring Camp

Tuesday, April 9th to Friday, April 12th, 2019

The ground and ground fighting have become one of the central components of any effective self defense system or complete martial art in the 21st century. With the advent of mixed martial arts, the glaring need for fluency with the ground is common knowledge, yet how ground fighting continues to be taught remains somewhat unevolved.

In most cases, sportive interpretations are just assumed to translate directly to the street. While there certainly is a high transferability of skill, many of the strategies and techniques are entirely inappropriate for contexts with multiple attackers or where weapons are present. 

Secondly, most ground approaches today simply employ rote memorization and sequential memorization to transfer technique. Again, while there can be no substitute for repetition and drilling of specific technique and the inclusion of progressive stress for deliberate practice, there are a host of other factors that merit prioritization, including breath management, structure, biomechanics and transferrable principles. 

Day 1--Unlocking Flow:

We will begin with an introduction to essential principles of structure, stability and efficiency in biomechanics, teaching each student how to identify their movement blockages, customize and create routines to enhance their capacities and adapt with work arounds to compensate for injuries and limitations. From here, we will apply these concepts to essential key positions and postures, drilling positional flow, with an emphasis on maintaining pressure, control, adapting from the bottom and recovering from the ground. 

Day 2--Locking Without Being Locked:

There are countless different approaches to grappling throughout the world but ultimately, they are all governed and influenced by their end goal. Whether your focus is sport or street, on day 2, we will continue to explore control, prioritizing the capacity to trap and "catch" locks, so that the practitioner is able to have greater choice in the level of force they wish to employ. Focus will be placed on dominating from the top position. 

Day 3--Submission

A central component of learning to train safely is to create an environment of trust with your partner and to listen to your body. Without these safety parameters, progression is greatly hampered. On day 3 we will focus on surviving the bottom position and learn to feel safe levels of force on the body. To become a master of submission, you must first be submitted thousands of times, to learn the pressure and effect of locks and pins first hand. Day three will focus on enduring harsh circumstances to first overcome the anxiety and fear of each hold and posture and then through drilling, breath deprivation, mobility limitations and more, students will work through a stress spiral, from graceful and compliant work, through resistance, to full pressure and then back repeatedly, 

Day 4--Fluency: Day 4 will seek to create a basic grappling dialogue, integrating escapes and counters with traps, and essential locks so that your basic grappling map is fully fleshed out. Students will work on isolation drills, flow drills, lock flow, escape chains and much more, to hardwire effective movement into them.

Through all four days, the emphasis will be transferability from sport to street, with a wide variety of force options being shown from a universally sound delivery system. 

Thanks to our new NDG dojo, we are  now located just outside the downtown core. Our new area is rich in Airbnb options for a fraction of the price you would pay for downtown hotels and April is a low season yet still warm enough to enjoy the city. Use the city search field "Côte-Des-Neiges—Notre-Dame-De-Grâce" for closest results or contact me directly and I'd be happy to help you find a great place to stay. 

This camp will be limited to a maximum of 10 participants. No previous grappling or martial experience is necessary. The rate for this camp is $600 CDN

Come massively enhance your abilities today from the ground up!