Summer Camp

Are you ready to flow?

Tuesday, June 25th to Friday, June 28th, 2019

Flow is one of the most elusive and desirable states in performance. It refers to a state that taps into our procedural memory and excludes many of the limitations of conscious thought. Naturally, stress challenges the very  limited resources of our attention. Modern self-defense proponents speak heavily of the role of primal reflex hijacking reason, but is there a state beyond our base reflexes? Warrior traditions for hundreds of years have spoken of trance states and altered consciousness. The samurai spoke of Mushin, an unthinking empty minded state as the highest application of zen. Modern athletes and performers speak of being in the zone. What are the keys to achieve this state?

In this camp, we will discuss the process of achieving flow. Beginning with Combat Systema's approach to biomechanics and breathing, we will focus on bringing awareness to correct structure and movement and explore the effect of deformation and stress in shielding displacement and escaping contact. 

In day 2 we will concentrate on correcting the most common errors in slow training, namely the rise of incongruent speeds, the use of impossible trajectories and adjustments, the limitations of processing speed and the absolute need to mirror reality and actions that replicate what actually manifests in our end stress states.

 In day 3, we will explore the importance of mastery in the achievement of flow and emphasis will be played on drilling and the roles of repetition vs organic "snowflake"drilling.

 On day 4, we will show how it is possible to grow flow by adding pressure, through multiplicity, complexity and limitations. This will include the use of weapons, multiple attackers and psychological stressors and will emphasize the importance of balancing anxiety with arousal. We will conclude with an increased emphasis on mindfulness, providing the practitioner with their objectives and tools for continued flow training in their daily lives. Too often, individuals assume that pressure testing must be frightening or potentially dangerous but pressure need only involve challenge and the opportunity to fail, debrief, assess and correct. 

This camp will be limited to 12 participants.

Participation $650cdn for four days of training. 

Summer Camp 2019: "Flow Camp"